Monday, March 14, 2011

The pig pin

Hey today we worked on out new pig pin. Now that was a job. I'll just put up a few pictures.
This was after a long morning of hammering 16penny nails in all this hard oak. That took most of the morning.
We were putting the hog panels around it now. An dsecuring them. We sure don't want the pigs to get out.

Now that was a hard job. They got totaly free and we began the chase to catch them. Now if you think it was a easy job, then think again. I had the tail and my 2nd daughter Serenity had the ears. And we literaly women handled them.We got one in the biggest, and it got free while we were after the smaller one. So here we go again. I would have taken pictures but all hands were on deck. We finally got them after about 1/2 hour. It seemed like hours.

Now after the whole neighborhood thought we were butchering very loudly, I am ready to have fresh sasuage, bacon and pork chops. Then I will can the rest in our pressure canner so I have no worries of freezer burn or if the power goes out I will not have spoiled meat. And if that does happen then I will just take out what I do have in the freezer and can it. It is a win, win situation. Y'all have a good day now. God Bless.

I also wanted to ask every one to say a prayer for those in Japan who have to deal with this devastation and great loss. They have been put through so much with the earth quake, the Tsunami, and now all this radiation.


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  2. Are all of you ok? Haven't seen anything new in a while. Miss you and the family. Love to all.


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