Monday, January 10, 2011

Misty's Kitchen

Pizza Crust      Pre-Heat oven to 450-475
1 pkg. quick acting yeast 1 T.oil(I perfer Olive Oil.)
1 T.suger:You can use brown suger,honey,molassas
1 cup hot water (110-115 degrees)
1 T.italian seasoning
1 t.garlic powder
1/2 t.salt
3-4 c. flour
Mix first 4 ingredients together mix till all is dissolved then add flour 1 cup at a time, till mixed well. You should be able to handle it.Let rise 10-15 min. Punch down let rest 2-5min.(depending on your time frame you can cut all rising time down. Then knead on floured surface till smooth and elastic. Split into 2 balls and roll out to desired thicknesss. Lightly greese pizza pan or cookie sheet and put in oven for about 5-10 min.Or till crust is lt.brown. Then take out and add toppings.

Pizza sauce
1 can tomato paste
1 can hot water
2-3 T Italian seasoning
salt and pepper to tast
and garlic powder.
Mix all together and you have great pizza sauce or bread stick dip.

No Bake Cookies  (Stove Top)
1/2c.milk          1/2c.butter     1/3c.cocoa
2c.suger (I use 1c. each brown and white granulated)
3/4c.peanut butter (crunchy or creamy)(I use crunchy)
3c.oat meal (you can use either quick or old fashion)(I use old fashion)
  Mix first 4 ingrediendts together and bring to a rapid boil.
  Add peanut butter mix well and add vanilla.
  Then mix in quickly the oat meal stir till blended.
  Spoon out onto wax paper or foil.
  Let sit till firm. Enjoy!!!


  1. Hi, welcom to my new blog. I have many recipies to share with you.

    1. We are so thankful for your willingnes to share your joy of homemaker and desire to help others enjoy caring for their families. We have a son with Downs that has very dry skin from head to toes and we came accross the video with you and Marsha making soap. We have been searching for sulutions to help our son and have tried just about everything and have decided that a good soap will help him. We were able to get most of the ingredients and amounts but missed the amount of the powdered goat milk and the name and amount of the acid. Would you please help and email us the recipe. Thank you so much for your time.

    2. hi misty,
      i have been searching for your dried garlic powder recipe, can you tell me how to go to your website and find your recipes?
      thanks, Roxannay rambo

    3. hey misty-did you ever make potato pancakes?-that's what my mom called em-

    4. I love your cooking shows!! I especially love your Chicken Casserole, it was delicious!!
      I did substitute cream of chicken soup and added more cheese on top. Keep doing what you are doing! Be blessed you and your family and your shows!!

  2. Yay! I need all the help I can get!

  3. Misty, I cannot wait to try your recipes!

  4. Which, if any, religious group do you belong to? I'm just nosy! I grew up in Amish Country in Central Illinois so am very familiar with Old Order and Mennonite groups but you stated in one You tube video that you were not Mennonite. It makes no difference to me at all but curiousty got the better of me. By the way, I truly enjoy all of your videos. God Bless!

  5. Misty,
    I love your videos!!! I grew up heating with wood and two years ago I bought my first wood cookstove. I taught myself to cook with it and I'm good about cleaning out the ash around my oven when it needs it. What should I be doing to maintain the cooking surface. I have six "circles" on the cooktop and I move them around every so often so that they are getting similar use. I've used vegetable oil on it a few times but it smokes a lot when I light it after. I'm afraid the cast iron will start to rust if I just "do nothing". So far there is only a little rust where my kids put wet mittens to dry. Other than that it's great. Any suggestions? What do you do to your stove top?

  6. Misty ,I love watching your video's was wondering if you ever make spaghetti and garlic bread for your family?

  7. Hi Misty!

    You are fab-u-lous! I am going to post this quickly to see if it works...

  8. Okay, great - it worked.

    First I must ask you to please change the color of your font..the letters... maybe try white font for your colored just can NOT read you very precious information!

    I found you by searching for strawberry wine then found your peach wine video and now have been promoting you the best I can.

    You are out in the woods in are much further advance than myself on the web! How wonderful! Let me tell you a new place maybe you have not heard of yet...Pinterest...everyone is psycho for it and so am I.

    I looked at your other youtube videos and wanted to "pin" them to Pinterest but couldn't because you did not have a "pin" button. Let me tell you, you must find out how to do this. When people love or even like you then they pin you to their page and people "follow" that page....but also ALL PINS that are pinned are view by everyone. You MUST get over there and pin all of your stuff!!!!!

    I put your name in and nothing but I put in your peach wine and someone had your video pinned there!!!!! O-M-G! I was sooooo happy....I pinned you to everyone of my pages even if it was not the same subject matter just so people could learn about you.

    I don't know how they did it but you must learn and make it happen....which I know you will.

    I tried to contact Ameriherb and sent them an email as they request ... I told them I found them via I am still waiting to see if they will respond or how I will be able to look at the website. I told them I think they are losing a lot of business with that practice but I guess they have their reasons....which I do not understand off hand.

    Okay, so I finished with some of the thoughts I had about you....and my actual reason for contacting you is....your garlic powder...I just saw your Home Made Biscuits youtube video and you mentioned that you sell it ....where?

    I have been searching all links on the google search for you and this is the first one I found that I could communicate with you.

    If you do have a site then I would recommend that you put the direct link in the information section of everyone of your videos. Sometimes you say the info is below but most time there is nothing there.

    You must be absolutely exhausted every single day and have no problem sleeping. Keep fighting the good fight! Your husband must be so proud of you! I would loved to have had you as a mother and you seem like you would be the best friend a person ever had in the world!

    You are an inspiration the way that you push on and try to succeed in this big web world.

    I hope my tips are not offensive but accepted as kindhearted are succeeded very well but I think these tips will help you so much more!

    Please do Pinterest! Please!

    Ha, ha, ha,....okay...sorry, got off track again....can you give me the website where I can buy your the garlic powder!

    I will favorite this page and come back to check for your reply!

    Love you! and the I know the rest of the world does too!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful wonderful day...oh, and by the way, I am going to start up my juicing again look great and I truly appreciate you sharing your struggle. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  9. Love your recipes, videos, and help on everything:) Thank you and God bless you and your family for making the time for all of us out on the web. Just where in Middle, TN are you? Would like to see your home and how you have everything on your place set up. Thanks again and look forward to more videos soon!

  10. I love watching your videos and recipes ,I started canning meats ,your videos have helped me a lot.we enjoy lots of the same things and are alike in the same ways .I love cooking for my husband and children, and garden,and canning.

  11. Misty. I see you are moving out west soon . you may have already moved by now I hope you do more videos. I have watched all these 3 or 7 times now . I dont see any new videos in the past year.I want to keep up with u. Do u have a blog or website. I love everything u do. You are so pretty and look so good. I hope your move goes good and u get back to making and posting videos.. Please. Cheryl in East Tn

  12. Keep up the good work Misty! I like your videos and your biscuit bread. Your husband and children are in good hands.

  13. Hi Misty, I just recently found your channel and love it! But you seem to be MIA...are you ever coming back to do more videos? I hope you are well.

  14. Yes Misty miss see your videos I hope you are ok as well, let us know.

  15. Are u making new videos thanks

  16. Is this Misty or someone posing as Misty?

  17. are an inspiration and we watch your videos o er and over agaon
    You are so kind to share so much knowledge. Please let us all know how you are, because we care. I hope you find time to do more videos. God Bless you and your family.

  18. Thank you for telling us about Real Salt. We try to use natural products when we can, but Himalayan salt is too expensive. This is very affordable and of course its Real. Blessings.


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