Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hog Butcherin Bee

Hey good morning, I have had a couple busy weeks, First we cut 3 trailer loads of slabs for fire wood.

And oh what a beautiful moon we had. Did you know the moon only comes this close to earth every 18 years? It was magnifacent.

Then we butchered our hogs, now that was a chore, but with the help of friends and neighbors we were able to get to gether at our preachers house and butcher 5 altoghther. That is a small number for them. They usually have a hog butchering bee in January and they have way more than 5, the whole community come together and do it. So do people far and wide show up just to watch, espically old timers. I guess it just takes them back to their way of life when they were young.

This is how we start. This is the main man in the valley who is a pro at butchering, so he does the finish work after the scalding and scraping. First he cuts the heads off, yes I know this sounds a little gross, but it is just a way of life and if you eat meat form the grocery store then it all starts bacially the same way.

Then the jaw meat.

Then it is time to cut in half.

Then we begine to seaperat the bacon.

Now this is a bucket of sasuage meat ready to grind after we mix sasuage seasoing in it.

This is our work area.

And three buckets of seperated meat, one of lard, sasuage meat and then fresh meat to can like you would bake as a roast, excepr it is already cut up and cooked once you can it.

There is also prok chops and ribs in there. And now the final package of our sasuage in the freezer.

Ok , I know I didn't get to get as many pictures in as I could, but they don't like to have their pictures taken. I also have video of it in 4 parts on my YouTube channel form the beggining to end. From the saclding to the canning. I hope this was infomational for you. I just wanted to share a little of our lifes.My YouTube channel is MistyShooter223 I will try to provide the link. Thank you and have a nice day. God Bless.   http://www.youtube.com/user/mmlrc6atgmailcom?feature=mhum#p/u/0/Jjyx6gU6shg


  1. I don't think I've seen anything so clean and so beautifully done. Your standards are impecable, and the meat looks good enough to eat! :) Well done, and peace be with us all.

  2. My family also butchers and just like you said people come from all around to take part in this "ritual". I love it. I'd be interested in getting some of your recipes with lard. I currently have about 5 gallons of it rendured and we're soon getting 3 more pigs so I'd like to use it up! Thanks for sharing! Oh and where do you smoke the meat at?


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