Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Beautiful Day

Hi every one. Just wanted to drop in and say how beautiful this week has been. We are double digging our raised beds, and getting ready to get a new garden broke up.  We have always heard you get the best potato crop if you plant them in fresh ground. So we have a part of a cow pasture behind us that we will be able to turn under and plant there. It will be a nice size garden. We want to grow 50 lb. each red and white potatoes. Peppers of all kinds mainly hot cayenne. Tomatoes, yellow and green squash, cabbage, and we will be growing our lettuce in our raised beds so we can control the heat this summer, so we will have fresh lettuce mostly through he hot part. It has been several years since we have planted a lg. garden. But it will be nice this year to can and have fresh veggies all summer long into the fall. Well just wanted to drop a few words of what is going on around the Cluck Farm You all have a nice day now...


  1. I hope your gardens are doing well! :)


  2. hey Misty.. your fans miss you. you taught us so much.


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